Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lights, Camera, ACTION!

Looking at the colors to Action Comics #1 and I'm so completely impressed with how myself, Rick Bryant, and Brad Anderson look! Those of you who are familiar with Action Comics pre-52 will recognize the beautiful work that Brad did with Gary Frank (a big time favorite artist of mine). I'm so proud to see Brad add his touch to my work.

Some of you may recognize Rick Bryant. He's an old school artist who ran with the likes of Neal Adams in the 70's. He's been a production guy, inker, and illustrator that I snatched up when he became available to me.

Of course you guys know all about Grant Morrison and his genius. This group of 4 is about as good as it can get and we are bringing Action to heights not seen for Superman since...who knows when.

Fresh, grounded, and Herculean. That's our Superman, and you're gonna LOVE it!