Thursday, August 11, 2011

Good tumbler blog

A good fan, Tim Hruszkewycz, wrote on his tumbler this....let's call it a plea for sanity of various sorts... about the new 52 reboots and his personal love affair with the DC characters. It's an exercise in patience for himself and what he feels are knee jerk reactions to change.

With regard to his sentiment about the reboots, I sometimes think what would have been about certain things in my life if I knew then what I know now. That's kinda what I think about the reboots. Certainly nothing of value will be lost, in fact we can expect them to be enhanced. It's a chance to look forward while planting our footing in whats been before. Without McCarthyism, without out dated codes, and at least for a now, without cross pollination from outside protocols not known as DC Comics.

DC stands for itself, and all we're trying to do is celebrate that.

Here's Tim's article: