Monday, August 29, 2011

Action #1

Well, I finally got my copies of Action Comics #1, and I have to say that for once I'm actually happy with a first issue. My com-padres, Grant Morrison, Rick Bryant, Brad Anderson, and Patrick Brosseau look pretty good for being thrown together for the first time. Jim Lee, Scott Williams and Alex Sinclair look spiffy in the variant cover as well. A solid issue for a #1.

You see, for me anyway, there's usually a 5 issue warm up before I'm comfortable with an on-going series. There's so much to consider; the main character has to be consistent, the supporting cast as well and they need to serve the purpose of their support, the atmosphere needs to be convincing, and the pacing has to jive with the writer. This is most important because you do, as an artist, have a bit of leeway in how the story is presented. Like Paul Levitz once told me, "Rags, it's a script, not a contract." So long as you keep the intent and spirit of what needs to be said, you can add or subtract to what's been presented from the writer.

So when you get to see what we have cooking, you'll get to see not only a strong first issue, but you'll know that it's only gonna get better. Seriously, issue 2 is very strong, and #3 is coming along nicely. See you guys in 8 days!