Sunday, August 12, 2012

On Joe Kubert

The industry has taken a sharp cross to the jaw with the passing of Joe Kubert. I don't know the details (as I've just found out), but I can't tell you enough of how shocked I am at the news. Joe was not just a legend of mythical proportions artistically, but in his presence there was a air of greatness about this man. So sharp and spry over the years, it's hard to imagine this behemoth of energy can ever be gone from our sights.

As a student it was always a pleasure to sit in his classes and just...listen. He had an incredible ability to clearly and concisely express the nuts and bolts of our field so that it stayed with you forever. I always made it a point to everyone who would listen (if you were so inclined) to allow this man to critique your work. You would have grown immensely.

His work on Sgt. Rock, Enemy Ace, Tarzan, Hawkman, Tor, Yossel, Jew Gangster, Ragman, Viking Prince (a personal favorite) etc., etc., it speaks for itself. Picking up a Joe Kubert book was not just picking up a great read, but picking up history. You can see every inch of where this industry has gone and where it was going, and he was one of the elite few in our industry that got better with every project; as hard as that is to imagine. So very sad that this is what we lost; a cornerstone.

With deep regret I express my condolences to Adam and Andy and the whole Kubert clan. God bless you all.