Friday, July 20, 2012

The Aurora Colorado Shooting

Talent Relations has sent out an email regarding the tragedy of the movie shooting in Aurora Colorado. As such I've decided to let any who care to ask me, to refer to this writing.

First I will say that I'm lucky to be in an industry that allows day dreams to entertain. We who work in and around this industry know the feeling of helpless disgust that this senseless slaughter happened at a Batman movie, and how there are groups out there who relish the opportunity to make political points at the expense of a medium that they don't know enough about, but are quick to assume.

 That last paragraph, by the way, is directly related to this next point, though some would be appalled that I didn't lead with sympathy. As I said, I'm lucky. One reason is being directly related to an industry that invited me to a premiere of The Dark Knight Rises. I went with my fiancee and daughter all the way to N.Y.C. to be among the company of associates to see this brilliant movie. But when I woke up this morning, I found out about the shooting in Aurora. Selfishly, my first thought was that I went to a premiere where the chances of a crazed gunman were nil to non-existent. I couldn't imagine the horror and immediate insanity of bullets flying, people screaming, blood, and horror happening around me, with my loved ones right next to me, and what is to be assumed, a group of like minded fans around with that sense of family, being completely obliterated. It's too much to absorb that kind of tragedy and for those who were victimized, I can honestly say I'm so very, very sorry that it has happened to you, your family, your friends. Nothing like this should ever happen.

Now, for those of you who are familiar with me on facebook, I'm pretty much politically conscience. I didn't, in one post, give my condolences to the victims in an original post that expressed that sentiment. Instead, I lead off with how mad I was at the situation. My being mad, I thought, would be sufficient to let others know how disgusted I am over the tragedy and by extension, my sympathy would be implied.  I then went on to say that I believe that anyone with a gun (obviously registered) should be brought in for psychological evaluation, and that anyone who is an NRA apologist should lead that evaluation. This isn't about lost freedom that some (who are gun enthusiasts) would feel are being victimized, but about the lost freedom of a group of humans simply at a show to be entertained. Moreover, the loss of life.

Guns are serious business. I don't really have a problem with the second amendment, except that it doesn't take automatic or semi-automatic guns to kill a deer or protect your family. Those who are afraid of the government and cling to a gun, are sorely mistaken that they think they can take out a military operation with their armament. They may be able to provide an obstacle, but in the end, its your death warrant. 

As for the jackass politicians and idiots who think 'if only there was someone with a gun to stop this predator', on the surface I understand your view, but here is where you are stupid: unless you came prepared to shoot a crazed gunman with a bulletproof vest, gas canisters, a machine gun, a shotgun and a handgun, in a dark movie theater where your footing is obstructed by seats behind your knees and in front of your feet and stairs; with people screaming, pushing, running and being killed in front of you and around you and gas clouds to obstruct your vision, you're living a bullshit, macho Clint Eastwood dream that doesn't exist except for in the movies. 

I hope you live through it, if God forbid it happens to you at that movie.