Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Last Act.

Action 14 page 8 preliminary
   I've been reflecting on my run on Action. I felt it necessary because although I've done other "re-vamped" versions of an older idea (Black Condor, Turok, Doc Savage), none of them carried the oomph that is Action Comics. 

   It's the big kahuna of our industry of superpowered beings.

   I should, if I had any sense, have been completely awestruck and intimidated by the proposal; but as I've stated in other interviews, I was expecting one thing but got another and then I went into pro-mode that carried me through the series. Pro-mode is when I go into a zone of necessary items that a book needs and in that zone, you don't even think of the character in a way a fan does; it's all nuts and bolts by then.

   It's easier, I suppose, to do your version of things and justify it based on it being new and improved. Characters like Brainiac, Metal-0, Mr. Mxyzptlk (Vyndktvx, actually), and even Luthor are pieces of cake because villians are more or less like the supporting cast and changes are, if not expected, accepted.

   But in Superman, it's a loooooong history of hundreds of artists who have had varying success in translating this character. It was up to me to do my impression of him and make it sound and reasonable. Not that difficult, there is a template, but if you get it wrong...oh boy, it's obvious.

   Luckily I was able to manage it without ruffling too many feathers and for the most part I'm ok with what I've done (although we artists ALWAYS think of things we coulda, whoulda, or shoulda done better- it's our curse), and from what I've gleaned, most of you guys felt ok with it too.
Action 17 double page spread

   Now, I know I've said that I thought Superman sucked when I started this series, and I have to reiterate, it was the DIRECTION he had been in that I thought sucked and NOT the character or the supporting cast; although characters like Jimmy Olson sorely needed to be addressed. A brilliant move to make him Clark's contemporary and not a subservient. I love that Lois remained untouched, she's perfectly fine. I liked that we got George Taylor involved as well as Ferlin Nyxly....it was nice to see old characters from way back come forth and take another bow. 

   All in all it was a solid run, with exception that it was difficult to stay on from issue to issue. It's not acceptable to be as inconsistent as I have and I apologize for my part in that. Some things were absolutely unavoidable, and some I can't comment since it involves others and I won't speak for them, but I know how it's looked and as much as I would have like for some things to have been different, it wasn't in the cards this time around. I hope it hasn't spoiled your enjoyment too badly and in the end I look back and think we did an ok job of it. You can thank Matt Idelson and Wil Moss for keeping the seams from coming apart.

Action 14 page 11
  In closing I've already given my private thanx to the creative team and editors, but I'd like to thank you guys, the fans. Not to be cheezy, but you guys are the litmus test of what we do and the direction of where we go. You guys do have power, even if you don't like what we do at times. We listen, and even if we don't go about it as you would prefer, nothing changes without promotion and that comes from you. We can only hope it's well received, and if it's not we make changes. It's how it's always been, right? Like it or not, you fans are a big part of the creative team, so thanx!

   I'm not sure when I can talk about my next project, but it's a one issue deal that has repercussions to come. After that, I have something I'd love to do that I approached Tony Bedard to write. Still waiting on that approval.

   See ya in the funny pages!