Thursday, September 8, 2011

So a North Carolina Store is boycotting Action Comics.

I guess this Bleeding Cool article says that Superman is a sinner, or is promoting sinning.

What was clear, to me at least, is that GD was a grunt sound. But these guys are convinced otherwise. One Christian voice of reason did however make a good comment after the article which I'd like to highlight and thank him by promoting his reaction here:


I pastor a fairly large church in Columbus Ohio... I cannot comprehend a follower of Jesus taking issue with Action Comics #1-- Throughout the Bible God measures humankind by their care for the fatherless and the widow, alien and stranger.

Superman is an "alien" who cares for all of them. What better honor to the Judeo-Christian belief than taking up the cause that the Book of James equates with "True Religion"

Look at the heroes of old, Hercules, Gilgamesh, etc... they were not exactly advocates for the most vulnerable in society. This take on Superman is refreshingly Christian... and I recommended the reboot to my entire congregation.

GD could just as easily be a split second prayer to the almighty.

And if it is God Damn... well if God Damns anything it is the evil forces that oppress humankind, cause love not to flourish, and value materialism over justice. It's not the Lord's Name in Vain if the recipient is the forces of evil, be it greed that destroys the environment, human trafficking, abusive labour practices, etc.

Grant Morrison and I might one day (if I'm lucky) have an interesting discussion about the supernatural, and humankind's quest for heroes... We might disagree on many points... But I cannot help but commend this most refreshing take on the Superman Myth.

Thank-you Jesus for the Creativity of Grant Morrison.

Jeff Cannell
Senior Pastor
Central Vineyard Church