Friday, September 9, 2011

Here's one retailer that knows a GD good opportunity

I've mentioned this before in my forums (Conventions section) and I can finally talk about it again.

Saturday October 8th, I'll be doing an Art Tour appearance with Rick Bryant. I hope everyone within ear shot can attend, it's a book signing look at original work thing in Philadelphia, at a place called Fat Jack's Comicrypt  from 3-5 (or longer depending on the turnout.)

Here's some more of the information as well as some other 52 art tours around our land...some may be near you!:

52 Art Tour

And for those of you still sore at me about "My Thoughts on Superman", you can't come. And you can't bring a pie to hit me in the face with....AAAAND you can't make it an apple pie, cause I really hate those.

See you then!