Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Back to back to back

It has come down to me before the news was sent out that Action (along with Batgirl) has been counted among the 3rd print runs. Not since Identity Crisis have I seen such a response to a book that I'm associated and I can't tell you how exciting that is for all of us involved.

For me though, I temper my enthusiasm when news like this simply because I always think of the collectable market that's out there. Geomancer #1 sold 300k and was my first big "hit", but that was during the speculation boom and subsequent issues were halved every month since. Big numbers are nice, believe me- nicer than small numbers, but I'll wait to see what issue #5 sells before I get too full of myself.

In the end though, Superman is back to the iconic status he deserves to be. Never should the industry's trademark play second fiddle, and with that I humbly say THANK YOU FROM ALL OF US!

ACTION and BATGIRL back for a 3rd printing