Wednesday, September 25, 2013

There goes the Friendly Neighborhood

   Guess what? I have a little news.

   Sometime ago, and recently I've dropped a few hints about some "doings" going on about me, and now I can talk about it a bit. 
   For those keeping score, you may have noticed a bit of an adjustment. You may have noticed I've changed a couple of things on my facebook profile as well as my twitter tag, and you may have noticed the personal attention to my fanpage in the form of commissions that is a rarity for me.
   August used to be the month that I would get notice of my contract with DC and usually August was about me adding another tour of duty with DC as my parent company and main employer. Well, this past August I was instead informed that DC was shifting around some chairs and they didn't have one for me. They added how they would keep a door open for me for the not be a stranger. They have since then, asked for a couple of covers from me-one for Superman Unchained and another for Earth 2-so they have given me a bit of work, but my streak of 15 years at DC has all but ended.

  I kept mum because I was busy finding my landing spots (and thanx to all interested in my commissions, it made the pill go down smoother); not just for the obvious "how am I gonna pay my bills" scramble that I was doing, but also for those wondering where I'll be going.

  The obvious conclusion, and correct one is that indeed, Marvel and I will be working in the near future together, perhaps longer. I've been given an assignment--busy work really--as they get me acclimated to what's happening in the Marvel Universe. I don't know a blessed thing, so anyone who wants to chime in and give me the cliff notes, I won't mind at all.

I'm currently finishing the latest list of commissions with Lady Death. Then I'll be doing a cover for Avengers World...and no, I'll err on the side of caution and not say what's on it...I don't even know the issue #, to be honest, but hey-it's a living.

So I guess I'll see you around the Friendly Neighborhood.

Make Mine Marvel.