Saturday, May 12, 2012


Well, I'm finally taking a few moments to talk a bit about my trip to Spain. I'm compelled, since it's not like my other con experiences, and it rings as a first for me outside of the immediate area of the U.S. The weather was beautiful and the area we stayed (Placa d' Espanya) was at once magnificent and quaint. It was a pleasure to walk around and absorb the subtle differences that was an uncommon atmosphere for me. I saw some old and new architecture, and the food! I can now say that not only have I had octopus, but I've popped a baby one in my mouth. Yum! 

I also so much enjoyed the company of our stay. Meeting face to face for the first time Mark Buckingham, Greg Capullo, Scott Snyder, and their lovely wives Jaime and Jeanie. Add Jess and you can imagine the naming foibles that went around.

None of this however would have been possible if not for David Macho Gomez, his wife Paloma, and the many assistants especially Josep and German! The convention was relaxing and invigorating and the people, most of all, were the best part of this trip. I've spoken to and gotten to know to an extent, some of you here and are now proudly my acquainted friends on facebook. Welcome all, and at some point in the future, let's do this again!

¡Bienvenidos todos!

(Germany, you're up! Miami, you're on deck)